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Meeting Minutes

January 20, 2023

November 17, 2021

March 26, 2020

July 21, 2022

September 23, 2021

February 15, 2020

June 16, 2022

June 16, 2021

January 15, 2020

January 13, 2022

December 17, 2020

January 20, 2023

1. Statistics 2022

  • Class attendance is down in general, but the attendance rate (students who attend / everyone who registered) is down from 10% to 50%.

  • LeighAnn gave a treasurer's report. Funds have not changed. $1,498.00

2. Sponsorship Updates

  • First Class Mortgage to provide a platinum sponsorship. Should be receiving everything in the mail soon.

  • Valley Mortgage considering sponsorship.

  • Need to add Lindsey to Sponsorship Spreadsheet.

3. FM Area Foundation

  • The FM Area Foundation was already booked for most of the classes. Looking for ideas for other potential class locations.

  • Fargo Public Library

  • YMCA

  • Family Wellness - Josh will reach out to Family Wellness.

  • Home Builders Association - Lindsey will reach out to HBA.

  • Dakota Medical Foundation - Jenny reached out to DMF and will follow up.

4. PowerPoint Update

  • Review

  • Suggestions

5. Dickinson Class

  • Potential Dates

  • Volunteers

6. Credit, Budgeting, and Equity

7. Grand Update & Goals

  • Everyone is to meet with one person to chat about sponsorship opportunities before the next meeting. There are suggestions listed below.

  • We will start sending out regular surveys to students. A general, short survey will be sent out to all previous students. Jenny will create this survey and send it to everyone for approval prior to next meeting.

  • Kipp, Jenny, and Josh will reach out to previous clients who have taken the homebuyer class for testimonials. We will use these in marketing for the class, sponsors, and events.

  • Kipp will start a system and timeline of events for students and follow-ups by next meeting.

  • Budget needs to be more transparent and publicly shared. Jenny will collect and share this info before next meeting.

8. Events

  • Locations were discussed. Some suggested locations include:

  • The Cellar (might be free) - Josh will reach out.

  • Fargo Brewing - Lars chatted with them and got quotes.

  • Shriners - Jenny has connection and will reach out for cost.

9. Marketing

  • Newsletters

  • Discussed sending out newsletters to students or anyone who registered on the website. Time was the biggest issue. Jenny will ask Website Designer to add a registration feature for newsletters and such.

  • Social Media

  • Everyone has access to the social media page. They are more than welcome to post on it or share.

  • Lindsey still requires access. Jenny will provide her access after the meeting.

  • Mutually agreed that our social media presence needs to be increased. We do not presently have Instagram. Josh will set up Instagram for us.

  • Jenny will add Lindsey to Canva.

  • KVLY

  • We discussed our previous history with ND Today. Jenny will reach out and see if they'd be willing to host us again.

  • Lars has a spot on the radio and will try to get Jenny an opportunity to talk on KFGO. He will reach out after the meeting.

  • Posters

  • Posters will be available for everyone to hand out by next meeting. Everyone consider places we might be able to hang these or ask local businesses to have brochures. (Which will also be available at the next meeting).

  • Flyers

  • Volunteers

  • Creating a video for marketing purposes was discussed. No conclusion reached.

  • Our websites and will be merged. More details about deadline for this to come next meeting.

  • Other Marketing Suggestions

  • Including flyers or brochures in the folders we present to students and sponsors so they can pass along information

  • Adding a QR code to our e-mail signature

  • Adding a question at the end of the class (or follow-up) survey, "Who do you know who would benefit from the class?"

  • Creative ways to help other people market our class

  • Ask classes to share pictures on our social media page (for a prize?)

  • Ask classes to like our social media page

  • Having pictures or props for photo ops at the class itself

  • Asking former students to post on our social media class testimonials, reviews, pictures, or anything positive about the class

10. Anything else for 2023?

  • Meeting Times

  • Jenny will create meeting times for 2023 and share the dates with the Board.

  • Jenny will work on delegating more tasks.

Coffee Date Ideas

  • Lenders

  • Insurance agents

  • New construction

  • Contractors

  • Staging companies

  • Hardware stores

  • Concrete/Basement specialists

  • Investors/Financial advisors

  • Fencing companies

  • Landscaping

  • Lawn services

  • Plumbers

  • HVAC

  • Home warranty companies

  • Window companies

  • Local small businesses

  • Local restaurants

  • Local sporting goods stores

  • Photographers

  • Kitchen and bath remodeling

  • Roofers

  • Furniture stores

  • Mitigation companies

  • Wineries/Breweries

  • Flower/Plant shops

  • Bookstores

July 21, 2022

1. Mission/Vision Statement - Review & Edit?

2. Sponsorship Update

3. Grant Update - Jessica Hawkes

  • First application due July 31

4. New Board Members?

  • Do we need a lender?

  • Insurance agent?

5. 2023 Class Changes

6. Budgeting, Equity, and Credit Class

7. In-Person/Hybrid/Zoom Discussion

8. New Google Sponsorship Form

  • Goal: Get 1 sponsorship.

9. Other Business

June 16, 2022

1. Sponsorship Update

  • Update from Sponsorship Committee

  • Jenny's schpeel

2. CCCLT Partnership

3. Dickinson!

4. Fundraising Event Update

5. New Loan Info Book

  • Comments, questions, concerns?

  • Who else can we add?

6. Timeline of Goals

  • See handout

  • Comments, questions, concerns, additions, thoughts?

7. Ideas on How to Improve Class

  • Survey results review

  • Presenter ideas

8. Credit, Budgeting, Equity Class

  • Name ideas?

  • Agenda (see handout)

  • Presenter ideas

  • Brainstorming

9. What other resources can we provide?

10. Board Update

January 13, 2022

5:40: Possible employees. Administrative assistant, Stacy Savajo. Works at VA, maybe become an hourly employee? ($20/hr)

Development director, Whitney Oxendahl. Perhaps independent contractor/get grants, etc. May pro bono until then. Works per project but will get us a quote thin month.

6:05: Charity of the month for FMAAR at in person meeting? Presenter of the month-Morgan? Jenny will talk to Marty about it.

6:10: Discussion of board members voluntarily giving $50/mnth.

6:15: Look into accounting software, (Quickbooks). Jenny registered Doorsteps for TechSoup. (Discounts on software, etc)

6:21: In person or Zoom? Maybe every other month?

6:33: 6 month survey. "Did you buy a property and were there things you learned from the class that helped?"

6:40: Delay the fundraiser until July. Outdoor at Brewhalla or somewhere similar?

6:45: First additional class home maintenance.

6:50: Go back on the radio/Jay Thomas show? Reach out to more media? We may be able to get free airtime now that we're a non-profit. Reach out to who you know.

November 17, 2021

5:30: Welcome Kipp, new board member

5:40: Review student feedback reports for Oct/Nov 2021

5:45: Review of entire 2021 attendance stats

5:53: Location discussion. Continue in person with Zoom option?

6:10: Accounting software needed. *Tech Solutions may have a free version for non-profits? LeighAnn will look into it.

6:13: Raising funds. Giving Hearts Day-too late for 2022, work for 2023 instead. Become a member of Power of 100? FM Area Foundation, Lakes & Prairie. What about offering yearly/monthly/or student/class based sponsorships. Will discuss more at next meeting.

6:20: Contract for deeds option for students?

6:31: Promotion ideas. Valley News Live, Lars’ radio show, socials, work with other non-profits?

6:35: First Door

6:40: Do an informational event at Drekker in Feb?

6:43: Get website updated

6:50: Use funds to buy more notebooks, pens, mugs?

September 23, 2021

1. Class Numbers and Review

  • Survey results

  • Presenters

  • Leads

2. Class Format

  • Continue with hybrid?

3. 501(c)3

  • Grants, funding, etc.

  • Bigger role for Treasurer

  • Importance of minutes

4. Goals

  • Fundraising goals

  • Employee goals

  • Connection goals

  • Outreach/advertising goals

5. 2022 Class Dates

  • Pick dates

  • Locations

  • Presenters - Lindsey Svir

6. Future Meetings

  • Frequency, location, etc.

7. Other

June 16, 2021

1. Upcoming Classes

  • Home Equity/Budgeting

  • Home Maintenance

  • Sellers Class

  • Other Ideas

Josh and Jenny will set up a time to get together for starting the Sellers class. Morgan will help work on the Home Equity and Budgeting class in the fall. Lars will send over some information for the Home Maintenance class.

2. Status on 501c3

Jenny turned in the application for a 501(c)3 four to six weeks ago. We should hear back in a couple weeks. Fingers crossed!

3. FM Homebuyer Workbook

Morgan is going to look for the old Village Workbook that we can base a homebuyer book off of. If he can't find it, Jenny or Morgan will reach out to Josh Huffman.

4. Going In-Person

  • Tentative Date? July or August 2021

  • Tentative Locations? HBA - Beth will reach out to see if July or August is available.

  • Zoom/In Person Combo - HBA has zoom/in person technology!

  • HBA Membership - Would cost $645/year. We could use the facilities for free. It was decided that we would try and use Beth or Lar's current membership to use the facility and hold off on becoming members.

5. Certificates/Class Materials

  • Certificates never expire!

  • Ideas on updating class material or adding to it

Reminder that the certificates never expire. We decided to continue to encourage presenters to include their own materials and attempt to finish the F-M Homebuyer Handbook by 2022.

We also discussed following up the class and creating a handout of the steps of homeownership. We could review who presented and keep the presenters fresh in the mind with a final summary.

6. Beating Another Dead Horse... Lender Cards

Jenny will create Lender Cards and send out to the board for edit/review.

7. 2022 Class Dates

It was decided to stick to the two-day classes of Monday/Tuesday and switch to Tuesday/Wednesday June, July, and August 2022

8. Presenters

  • Cards to all presenters

  • Replacing Greg Olson

Josh or Jenny will reach out to Greg to see if we can record and use his current presentation before he retires in September. Next meeting, Jenny will bring cards for the presenters for everyone to sign. We will also decide on a gift for Greg for his retirement.

9. Other

  • Josh will send Jenny the files he has of presenters to use in presenters' absences.

  • We discussed and tabled until next meeting requiring a fee for any leads generated from the class to go back to Doorsteps Midwest. We discussed a percentage (like 10%) or a flat fee ($200-300). This would help cover the cost of materials.

  • We talked about various advertising. Josh suggested making a Facebook advertisement a week or so after a class and three weeks or so prior to the next month. Josh suggested contacting Valley News Live again to see if they would do an interview and chat about how buyers can get a "leg up" on the competition with homebuyer education. Lars suggested KVLY, WDAY, and the Forum. Lars talked about his weekly radio show and having people come in and discuss the homebuyer class on his next show. Lars will reach out to his contacts at KVLY, WDAY, and the Forum.

  • We also discussed various ways to use and implement our mission statement: "To educate and empower future homeowners." Josh suggested adding this to all course materials.

December 17, 2020

1. 2020 Statistics

  • Thoughts

2. 2021 Classes

  • Picking Teaching Dates

  • Zoom platform?

  • Suggestions for improvement?

  • Update on Energy Efficiency

3. Lender Letters

  • Templates

4. Non Profit Status

  • No 501c3 yet

  • ND Non Profit, still

5. Folders, forms, notebooks?

6. Advertising?

7. New pictures/bios

March 26, 2020

1. Last Class Review and Revisions

  • Karen Skjold

2. Class Cancellations

  • Should we cancel April or make it virtual?

  • May?

3. Bank Account

  • Beth - resend materials please

  • Within the next couple weeks?

4. Class Outlines, Class Ideas

  • Not to beat a dead horse but...

5. New Board Member Options

  • Subcommittees

6. Fundraising Materials and Promotional Ideas

  • Lender Luncheon

  • Brainstorm summer events and tentative dates

7. Pictures and Bios Please

8. Final Thoughts and Notes?

February 15, 2020

In Attendance: Jenny Buhr (President), Josh Hanson (Vice President), Kelly Meyer (Secretary), LeighAnn Knopp (Treasurer), Morgan Almer, Lars Knoblock

Thoughts about having someone else end the class on the section night (like Lars)

Jenny reached out to Larry from Indoor Air Solutions

  • Waiting to hear back from him

  • If possible, will replace new construction with Larry and only have a few highlights on new construction

Talked about having the realtor cover the closing portion

Remember to have the lender talk about the money available through the NDHA because of taking the class

Reviewed the survey given at the end of the class and decided to remove question 7

It was decided to give Jenn and LeighAnn access to the bank account

Jenny is meeting with her tax person on 2/16 to review the 501c3 forms and will submit when complete

  • Update - 501c3 papers were submitting on Friday. Well done, Jenny!

Marketing materials need to be created so they can be distributed to businesses for possible sponsorships

  • Ideas of $10,000 and $5,000 for large box store and how they would be promoted at hte class and on our website

January 15, 2020

In Attendance: Jenny Buhr (President), Josh Hanson (Vice President), Kelly Meyer (Secretary), LeighAnn Knopp (Treasurer), Morgan Almer, Beth Prigelmeier, Lars Knoblock

1. Looking for possible additions to the Upcoming Class

  • Brookstone Builder - LeighAnn was going to talk with Matthew on 1/16

  • Robin Swanson - Insurance

  • Shawn Oslie, Theresa Halverson - realtors

  • Thoughts discussed about New Construction vs. Energy and which is more beneficial

  • Bring in someone from Excel or Cass County Electric

2. Ideas for individual classes

  • With regards to budgeting/home equity - information on Furnace, HVAC, Plumbing

  • Morgan could also expand on budgeting

  • Classes would be 2.5 hours long

  • Charging a fee ($10) puts a little more skin in the game for students

  • Once the non-profit is set, wait about 6 months before starting any other classes

3. Fundraising

  • Classes approximate cost is $200

  • Would be helpful if board members could come up with a list of sponsorship places

  • Possibly where you may already have a relationship

  • To do this, it would be important for us to come up with a concise message and simple brochure

  • Would be good to get end of class testimonials

4. Treasurer - LeighAnn graciously taking on this role! Yay! LeighAnn - Thank you!

Current Sponsors

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